prednisone effects

Apr 07

So…You have some thing to sell? You want to explore all the options so we should have a discussion about “eCommerce”. This can be a complex experience – or relatively straightforward depending on your needs, now and in the future and the solutions that will be required  to satisfy those.

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Internet Marketing Strategies

Oct 07

Every business should have an ‘Online Marketing Blueprint’! These days, it’s not enough to have just a pretty website as  ‘electronic brochures’ , written in ‘code ( like  Flash or Java) They will never rank on those Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.. Those  Search Engines only read CMS (Content Management Systems)...

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Why don’t they listen?

Jul 01

I have been an Internet Marketer for some time now and had my share of people that would qualify for the ‘Clients from Hell” book…. I understand that the Internet is an overwhelming place for a lot of people and it seems that there is so much contradictory  (or downright misleading) advice out there! However, recently I have come to the realisation...

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B2B Online Marketing Disconnect?

Mar 22

There been some research that   suggests  that only  13% of  BRB companies have increased their online display marketing budgets from last quarter 2010. According to a Forrester research report last week “Making Online Display Marketing Work For B2B: ” Display marketing is part of most B2B interactive marketers’ plans for 2011, but few are prepared to...

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JumpStart Matrix- The Blog

Mar 05

I am wiser now regarding Internet Marketing. ( I was already ‘older’) I’ve spent the last few years being taught (and teaching myself ) about the ‘Wormhole’ that is the World Wide Web. And what a journey! Where do we start-?….the ‘Bright Shiny Software’ Syndrome”? The Techno Phobe Compulsive Disorder (TCD) ? Or...

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