B2B Online Marketing Disconnect?

Mar 22

There been some research that   suggests  that only  13% of  BRB companies have increased their online display marketing budgets from last quarter 2010.
According to a Forrester research report last week “Making Online Display Marketing Work For B2B:
” Display marketing is part of most B2B interactive marketers’ plans for 2011, but few are prepared to unlock its full potential. Rather than miss opportunities by simply porting over print media practices, B2B interactive marketers need to take advantage of targeting opportunities and use display to develop and nurture leads throughout the buying and sales process.”

Additionally, another study suggested that:
“found that spending trends for most B2B companies show that marketing dollars are spent targeting the wrong level of audience.

Some 75% of marketing budgets is targeted at the user/purchasing levels. Only 15% is spent at the influencer level, and (sadly) only 10% is spent at the decision-maker level.”
The same MarketingProfs study went on to say :
” Let’s examine this imbalance. The great companies that have separated themselves from their benchmark competitors have a marketing budget spread that more closely resembles the following: 35% to the users/purchasing, 35% to the influencers, and 30% to the decision-makers ” …citing Palo Alto’s VMware’s growth & sales, which  have tripled over the last four years (and with it …popularity on Wall Street)

How do we as online marketers get the message across to these businesses?!

Case Studies?

Another interesting article from MarketingProfs has this to say:
“For you as a B2B marketer, case studies have tremendous benefit. They position your company as a safe and credible vendor. Few sales support tools are more powerful.”

However, the 2 companies examples in this article say clearly how the right – or wrong- approach to this exercise is critical!

Further …”Case study winners have a concerted client-facing program that frames the case study as a benefit—not a favor, and not a risky endorsement”
The paragraph headers in this article give clues as to the right approach:

  • Select Worthwhile Stories
  • Nurture the Relationship Early
  • Deliver the Benefits
  • Do All the Heavy Lifting
  • Welcome Your Client to “The Club”
  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

What ARE  the best – or worst-  ideas about case studies from your POV?!

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