Buying an Established Domain Name?

Sep 06

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How to buy a Pre owned Domain Name

Some of my clients have wanted to invest in an already established online business, by buying a Domain name with a site already set up.

This can be an effective strategy, especially if you have more cash than time in resources.
Today, ‘virtual real estate’ is recognised as hot property, so you can expect to pay in some cases, quite a lot, for an existing domain name.
More if there is a developed site included as well as the domain.

It is important to do your ‘due diligence’ and try to get a look at any site’s Google Analytics data, to back up website traffic and sales claims before making an investment.
The age of a domain is also a factor. Google and the other Search Engines value Domains and businesses that have age on them.
Make sure any domain you are considering is not blacklisted by Google or seen as ‘black hat’ operation, ie shady or negatively regarded,as this can and will affect your ranking on the Search Engines. Check out it’s  history on the ‘Way Back Machine
Bottom line- do your research!

There are a number of market places you can go to look and buy such ‘pre owned’ Domains. This practice is often referred to as ‘Flipping’ domains.

There are the big players like Sedo .com and and an increasing number of smaller players, where it is possible to snap up a bargain.
Have look at Website Broker  where domains with sites can be bought from as little as $250 upwards.
One example of a Domain for sale itself, with other domains listed as available as well is DrivingLessons

There are multiple niche markets catered for on these brokerage sites.

Sometimes this is the soundest investment a new entrepreneur can make with their marketing budget, to break in and start generating some income immediately!

Consult with the experts on valuing or buying an pre-owned Domain at JumpStart Matrix;  Fill in the Form or call 02 8033 5927


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