Embrace Online Marketing! Retreat

Jul 29

Woman writing a Flow Chart for Business, Planning and Online Marketing objectives

MAKE INTERNET MARKETING WORK FOR YOU! Special 2 day Event: Embrace Online Marketing! Register Now   Wednesday August 22nd– Thursday August 23rd , 2012 1. Learn how to make your online presence really work for  you: Identify the steps and stages Tools to make it happen Gain clarity and perspective and create new strategies 2. Discover new tools and...

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Facebook VS Google Display Network Advertising Statistics

Jun 01

© WordStream, an AdWords...

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Facebook Settings Alert

May 23

 Mashable published a great Post on the new look facebook….here’s a quote from that article: “If you didn’t watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook announcements last week — and of course the vast majority of Facebook users did not — you may be in for a surprise. Aside from the dramatically redesigned Facebook Timeline profile pages, which roll...

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Facebook Strategies

Apr 11

Facebook.. an effective online business marketing strategy? Everyone is talking about it. Is the hullabaloo justified?….. or should your business have a few fundamentals in place before you launch into  Social Media? There are a number of great articles out there on this topic. Search Engine Watch said this post “Basic SEO for Facebook Fan Pages”...

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Create a Killer Landing Page or Post

Apr 06

This is a great Post from Search Engine Watch  ” Killer Landing Pages” Have a Clear and Emphasized Call to Action Align Your On-Page Message and Call-to-Action With Your Off-Page Promise Simplify Design and Reduce Text Use Images Judiciously Show Brand Validation Enable Sharing and Highlight Social Validation Test, Test,...

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Internet Marketing Strategies

Oct 07

Every business should have an ‘Online Marketing Blueprint’! These days, it’s not enough to have just a pretty website as  ‘electronic brochures’ , written in ‘code ( like  Flash or Java) They will never rank on those Search Engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.. Those  Search Engines only read CMS (Content Management Systems)...

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