Conversion Optimisation and Your Landing Pages

Mar 23

Conversion Optimisation is a topic I have to cover with every client, as they still all too often believe that organic results (and therefore sales) will magically happen with the old SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques.
They will not.

Your website needs to be very clear what you are all about as soon as the visitor hits your site – and show them exactly what action you want them to take…aka a CTA “Call To Action”… All within about 7- 10 seconds!
This is a topic I am going to be covering in some depth on my main site as well, as it is the best way to get results and very few people understand HOW to properly optimise a page to get conversions.
( ie a sale, Sign up to a Newsletter, Download a digital product etc)

I liked this infographic from Neil Patel, from Crazy Egg and KissMetrics:An Infographic showing Landing Pages Conversion Optimisation Steps

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