Draft Duplication in New Posts?

Apr 01

Draft Duplication in New Posts?

Problems with Posts in WordPress Dashboard

Although creating a new Post or Page on your website  is relatively straightforward in WordPress, occasionally things go awry..
One of my clients was faced with this dilemma.

She had been doing fresh content (new Posts) for her site regularly, when she recently noticed that after she hit ‘Publish’, the ‘Draft’ of the Post (simply called ‘untitled’)was duplicated many times in the Posts area.
We went through a step by step discovery of how she created a Post to try to work out what was happening.

Here are some tips for you to avoid things like this:

  1. When creating a new Post or page you must save the TITLE first.
  2. Never edit in the ‘Preview” Tab.
  3. Once you’ve saved a Draft version, ‘Preview ‘ to see what the finished post will look like to visitors to your site- but close that tab or window as soon as you’ve done so.
  4. Don’t go back to another post in Edit mode at the same time to grab a piece of code or text. Always save things you need to use often on a separate Notepad document and copy from that..
  5. Try not to hit the ‘Save’ button too many times unless absolutely necessary,as that can have other repercussions.
  6. Remember that not all Plug Ins work well together in WordPress! IF you have some random issue, you may need to ‘deactivate’ each Plug In one by one, to  try to identify the problem?

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