Forums? Why YOU need one for your business!

Jan 17

We have been working on Forums for some of our clients.

Those clients ( many SME owners) get way too many emails about their product or service to answer quickly person!
Many had the perception that Forums are hard to manage, expensive.. and a general pain in the butt.

Not true.

Here are some facts:

Look and Feel

  • Use your own domain name   –  Use your existing domain name for your forum.
  • Instantly change the look         – Themes allow you to change the entire look and feel of your forum in one click or even customize every aspect of your forum’s design.
  • Use your website’s layout         – Copy the HTML code for your website layout into your forum to make your forum look exactly like your website.
  • Embed it into your website       -Quickly and easily embed your forum into any page of your website.
  • Any device, anywhere                – Our forums are mobile-friendly, making it easy to access your forum on the go!

Read the rest of the features and benefits here: Why  do you need a forum?

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