Internet Marketing for Dummies?

May 18

How do you start Internet Marketing ?

I just wrote this post as part of a Linked In answer to a group on the subject of who/where/what/how to get started marketing your business online.
As a former Sales Manager, I used to hear all the time from my SME clients that they “knew” they needed a website..but it was ” too hard, too expensive , too confusing..”

SME business owners are some of the most time poor in the country & feel ‘at sea’ due to the overwhelming and often contradictory nature of Internet Marketing.

It’s very hard for them to compare ‘apples with apples’, with 1 person ( often their ‘brother in law’- the mechanic or some such) saying all you need to spend is $ 200 and someone else saying No, its $10,000 to put up the ‘right’ website.

My advice on the basic steps:

1.CMS (Content Management System)Platforms:

Get a CMS based platform for your site like WordPress(WP the most user friendly I think and the ‘Search Engines like Google love WP) or Joomla.The Search Engine spider bots do not ‘read’ Flash or Java but text.

2.Keyword Research:

Get some Keyword Research ( the words that people type in to Google to search for your type of product or service) done on your market or ‘niche’ as we call it.
This will give you some ideas for not only your Domain name, but the ‘content’ ie articles, videos etc that you will put on that site to attract YOUR potential clients.

3. Content:

Realise that either you, your staff or someone you pay (that is reputable and a preferably a native speaker in your language) needs to start writing content- and lots of it.
Content is ‘king’.
Google is getting tougher on 2-5 page sites. They simply don’t cut it anymore in today’s market.You need LOTS of pages or Posts with real content  (not ‘spun’ articles) on your niche topic and related areas.

4. SEM & SEO

Understand that well before you look at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you need to take the guess work out of that process, by getting some SEM (Search Engine Marketing) done with a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign in Google Adwords.

Want to know ( not guess) what will bring people to your site and then optimise for that? SEM will give you the answers.
Otherwise its like throwing darts at a board- blindfolded!
SEM will tell you the keywords that will convert your visitors to buyers.

I cannot tell you how many people miss this vital step.

5. Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest and so on…

Social Media IS a part of this process, but have a decent website first or you are just throwing money away for the most part.
eg.GM just pulled their $10 MILLION advertising dollars from Facebook, as they felt Facebook Ads weren’t working.
That should tell you something.

Lastly, as others have noted, please listen and treat your online marketing consultant with the respect they deserve as a professional-and take their advice!
I do not tell my clients how to perform orthodontics, do chiropractics or podiatry, repair a car engine – and I do not expect them to tell me how to do what I and my team have spent years learning…You would be amazed at just how many of them think they know – and argue with me or try to tell me my job.

Understand that unless you have a LOT of money to throw at the problem, this will be a slow, step by step process.
I know you don’t want to hear this but….

There is NO ‘magic bullet’.

However the point is that if you want to do business – the new market place IS online. And mobile IS a force and if you are not found on both, you will suffer the consequences.

Please feel free to contact me for some real honest to goodness advice on how you can market your business online.

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