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Mar 31

The Wordpress logo image

I have been searching for an Plug In that will let me post images from my iPhone…
In the course of that investigation, I found the WordPress App (Free) in my App Store. .. so..I am posting from my phone right now!
Also discovered the Camera + App (.99c)

I am going to be testing the 2 together soon. Stand By.

How to Add a Photo to Your Post:

You launch the WP App on your iPhone, click Settings (little box with bars)thenĀ  ‘Posts’ and it will show you the “photo’ box in bottom left hand corner…Select that and add the photo you took with Camera+ to your Post.
TIP: You may want to adjust your ‘Lightbox Sync’ Settings in Camera+ App ( “Quality” to “Optimised’ ) OR you will get a very large image in the post..And we know that is a No No for load times!

You will need to go SettingsĀ  on your iphone, icloud and enableĀ  ‘Documents and Data’Ā Ā  (read about that here ) to use the ‘Camera +’ AppĀ  functionality that includes the ‘Lightbox sync’.

Another article on theseĀ  2 Apps Here.

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