The (Ever) Changing Face of Marketing!

Oct 16

How does a small agency like JumpStart Matrix stay on top of the latest trends.. and still deliver the best strategies for clients whilst hitting deadlines?
That right cohesive ‘mix’ of channels covered between client and agencies is an interesting one…
We at JSM also try to act as mentors for our clients, helping them to understand the ‘Big Picture’ (not the minutiae) of HOW & WHY things have to be done and WHAT are the benefits?

Keeping it real with things like the ( in effect) ‘death of SEO’ as many clients knew it, whilst still driving the content supply train  with the (frequently unwelcome) news that even more unique (read ;better) content is now required to keep your standing or to improve it on the Search Engines!
So, more content = more cost  …and to a busy SME owner, already strapped for resources, it can be a hard sell.

I read an thoughtful article on this topic by David Edelman  “Time for Marketers and Agencies to Shake it Up” where he writes ..” As workflow management systems challenge how agencies and clients work together, soaring needs for content have changed the cost/volume balance of client demands, and earned/owned media growth require new ways to measure impact, the pressures to take a fresh look at agency relationships should be mounting

IS your agency abreast of all the new changes?

Another post by the engaging Brian Solis on Social Media(Business) in 2013.  with Altimeter’s surveys and reports finding:

“In terms of social business maturity, most organizations are “intermediate,” with only 17% who are truly strategic in the execution of their social strategies.
The lack of clear leadership, organization, and strategy means that many organizations experience some form of “social anarchy,” of siloed, uncoordinated social efforts.”

Also, enterprise wide initiatives need to be brainstormed, as they also note :
Lack of employee training around social media policies remains a significant risk area — only 18% of companies said that their employees have a good or very good understanding of their social media policies

Clear direction and strategies with a flexible, nimble agency driving the feedback and managing client expectations is what is needed in this New Age!

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