To Webinar or not to Webinar?

Nov 07

Webinars as a tool?

I had a client just ask me about webinars as a tool.

Here is my answer:
“Whilst webinars are a great tool, they are only to be used once you have your essentials in place :

  • Newsletter/email database
  • Solid website with optimised content and lots of it
  • Youtube channel and videos on site
  • Packages of coaching and/OR Speaking events( or whatever you are selling or providing as a service) people attending the Webinar can buy.

These ‘packages’ must have varying cost options , to appeal to all buyers ( ie everyone) on the Webinar
.( eg 5 Sessions @$500 or 3 sessions at $100 each payment plan)

You also need a separate Sales ( Squeeze) Page for them to be directed to whilst on (or after) the Webinar, with seriously good sales copy!

AND follow up email sequences once they have purchased and to deliver the content!

In short- you are not yet ready until we fix the issues on your site,add more optimised content,start SEM (Search Engine Marketing)with Google Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad Campaign… to get actual visitors to the site and build your email ‘list’ as a sales base.”

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