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Jan 06

Gecko Plantscapes website home page

Our client wanted a site that will showcase his skills as a horticulturalist , specialising in vertical green walls and roofs. We assisted with all aspects of the site build, including  discussing what is needed for content creation as well as responsive design, keyword research for articles and recommendations for directory listings, as well as sites he should...

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Anahata Therapies

Sep 16

ahata Therapies , Mosman Sydney WordPress Site Home Page image

Anahata Therapies is a stunning  Ayurvedic and traditional  Western style massage and beauty treatments Spa, with so much more to offer than your usual Beauty therapists! Located in leafy and tranquil Mosman in Sydney, Jana Carrozzi and her dedicated team offer the most luxurious and healing therapies. We have been working closely with Anahata to transform their...

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Buying an Established Domain Name?

Sep 06

Buying an Existing Domain Name word cloud image

How to buy a Pre owned Domain Name Some of my clients have wanted to invest in an already established online business, by buying a Domain name with a site already set up. This can be an effective strategy, especially if you have more cash than time in resources. Today, ‘virtual real estate’ is recognised as hot property, so you can expect to pay in some...

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Where to put your Content?

Aug 02

Where to put your Content? In content marketing out there has been much emphasis on “sharing” your work. But where and how? We tell our clients to bring people FROM Social Media to YOU. You want the traffic and eyeballs on your site.. Not the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ( or whomever)  platforms. I just read a post by The Content Marketing Institute...

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Faster Content Marketing and simple ‘Content Hacks’

Jul 02

Faster Content Marketing and some simple “Content Hacks” I read 2 posts this morning that reinforced my need to do MORE for my sites and I wanted to share to try to inspire YOU. My clients sites are always a priority, but Neil Patel and Quinn Whissen have inspired me to write a few thoughts here and link to their excellent articles. Sometimes , you just...

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