Oct 21

There’s a new battle raging between Microsoft’s Bing and Google. Microsoft has set up a new site and is pumping money into a campaign war.. that appears to be working according to Adage! What is the fuss all about, with Google pushing ads at you via your Gmail? Well… Several articles on this subject tell us more , including...

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The Google ‘Zoo’ of Updates has a new arrival : Hummingbird

Oct 18

If you market online, you’ve been in Siberia if you haven’t heard the (dreaded) words Panda and Penguin, as 2 key Google Updates are called over the last 2 years.. Now, added to the menagerie is the ‘Hummingbird’ … yes.. they are all ‘cute’ names for deceptively lethal changes ( if you do not respond decisively and quickly...

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The (Ever) Changing Face of Marketing!

Oct 16

How does a small agency like JumpStart Matrix stay on top of the latest trends.. and still deliver the best strategies for clients whilst hitting deadlines? That right cohesive ‘mix’ of channels covered between client and agencies is an interesting one… We at JSM also try to act as mentors for our clients, helping them to understand the ‘Big...

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My First image with the WordPress & Camera+Apps

Mar 31

  I went into Edit this image, as even with settings ‘Optimised’ in Camera+ and  Lightbox Sync, it was still too large for the Post, but this works so well as a point and shoot, then upload via the WordPress App! I made it 70% of the original, after  making it smaller in the Media...

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To Webinar or not to Webinar?

Nov 07

Webinars as a tool? I had a client just ask me about webinars as a tool. Here is my answer: “Whilst webinars are a great tool, they are only to be used once you have your essentials in place : Newsletter/email database Solid website with optimised content and lots of it Youtube channel and videos on site Packages of coaching and/OR Speaking events( or whatever...

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Embrace Online Marketing! Retreat

Jul 29

Woman writing a Flow Chart for Business, Planning and Online Marketing objectives

MAKE INTERNET MARKETING WORK FOR YOU! Special 2 day Event: Embrace Online Marketing! Register Now   Wednesday August 22nd– Thursday August 23rd , 2012 1. Learn how to make your online presence really work for  you: Identify the steps and stages Tools to make it happen Gain clarity and perspective and create new strategies 2. Discover new tools and...

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