Posting from the WordPress APP

Mar 31

The Wordpress logo image

I have been searching for an Plug In that will let me post images from my iPhone… In the course of that investigation, I found the WordPress App (Free) in my App Store. .. so..I am posting from my phone right now! šŸ˜‰ Also discovered the Camera + App (.99c) I am going to be testing the 2 together soon. Stand By. How to Add a Photo to Your...

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Optimising Your Contact Form

Feb 01

An Infographic on Optimising your Contact Form for SEO

Everyone is talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)and many people simply do not really understand just what it encompasses. What isĀ  SEO? WikipediaĀ  says” Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s ( like Google) “natural” or un-paid...

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Survey On Online Marketing Data from SEOMOZ

Aug 26

SEOMOZ is a great resource and I find their posts to be fun and relevant. The SEOMOZ 2012Ā  latest survey is no exception. Information clearly laid out andĀ  tables with the embed code ready to put up..Good Job Boys! Here some Charts and Graphs from the survey that caught my eye, after just presenting a 2 day retreat on Marketing Online : Content Creation & Ad...

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Why WordPress for your Website?

Jun 10 should know that the Search Engines likeĀ  Google read text..not code like Flash & Java. So if you ever actually want to be found online for your business, you need a CMS ( Content Management System) Platform as the basis for your website- and WordPress is the most user friendly and loved by those Search Engines! The ease of use for WordPress and its...

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Reputation Management for your brand

Jun 10

This isĀ  very topical as Social Media profiles are being used by businesses… With all that interaction comes good..and bad reviews and comments!

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Facebook Settings Alert

May 23

Ā Mashable published a great Post on the new look facebook….here’s a quote from that article: “If you didnā€™t watch Mark Zuckerbergā€™s Facebook announcements last week ā€” and of course the vast majority of Facebook users did not ā€” you may be in for a surprise. Aside from the dramatically redesigned Facebook Timeline profile pages, which roll...

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