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Apr 11

Facebook.. an effective online business marketing strategy?

Everyone is talking about it.

Is the hullabaloo justified?….. or should your business have a few fundamentals in place before you launch into  Social Media?

There are a number of great articles out there on this topic.

Search Engine Watch said this post “Basic SEO for Facebook Fan Pages” was one of their top 10 in 2011.
One of the most important things that I would stress to you is that Facebook can be a two edged sword.

Companies that leapt on board in the early days had never heard the phrase “reputation management’!
(The Dell Computer  case is legendary!)

“Facebook  has done a terrific job of  promoting itself..but the latest stats tell a different story.
In February, Facebook searches numbered 336 million, trailing all of the “big five” search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL), while sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon saw more search queries than Facebook, according to comScore data, despite Facebook having more than 800 million users. Facebook search currently allows you to filter searches by people, pages, places, groups, apps, events, music, web results, posts by friends, public posts, and posts in groups…..

Bing remains Facebook’s provider of web search results. Since 2010, Bing has personalized its search results by incorporating Facebook Like data into Bing’s algorithm.

But perhaps this could be a step toward a future social search engine that Facebook could monetize with pay-per-click ads and become a player in what is forecast to be a $19+ billion industry this year. Though Google and Facebook both have different ad models, data suggests that social ads work for both companies, improving ad recall and click-through rates… ” say  Search Engine Watch on “Facebook Search Engine Overhaul in Works

PPC(Pay Per Click)advertising is still dominated by Google Adwords, but Microsoft Adcenter (Yahoo & Bing) and Facebook are determined to get a slice of that pie-at $19 Billion, you know why…


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