Faster Content Marketing and simple ‘Content Hacks’

Jul 02

Faster Content Marketing and some simple “Content Hacks”

I read 2 posts this morning that reinforced my need to do MORE for my sites and I wanted to share to try to inspire YOU.

My clients sites are always a priority, but Neil Patel and Quinn Whissen have inspired me to write a few thoughts here and link to their excellent articles.
Sometimes , you just have ‘to do’!
Content Creation ie the making of articles, videos, PDF’s, Podcasts, infographics, images (with Alt Text!) etc, is THE most important thing anyone can do (almost) to gain real visibility in the crowded marketplace that is today’s Internet. How to do this more effectively you ask?
Neil is a prolific writer of very high quality and value to his niche (s)
Neil has written some instructive guidelines for how to write faster and better in his Blog Post
“How to Double Your Writing Speed Without Lowering Its Quality/”

Neil makes the point about writing a list of ideas and doing all the research for those ideas BEFORE sitting down to write.
Seems obvious eh?

Also he writes ” It’s still not a good idea to come up with post ideas as you need them—it’s inefficient. Instead, schedule a block of time, maybe an hour, every week or month (depending on your post volume). Use this time to use your strategy to come up with as many ideas as you can. Instead of coming up with a single idea in 10 minutes every time you need one, you can come up with five times the number of ideas in the same time frame once you get some momentum going.Either way, you’ll be able to cut down on time coming up with ideas and focus more time and energy on the actual writing”
(I am repeating that information,as I need to pay attention and do this!)

Neil also takes the time to really reinforce that we MUST get rid of ‘distractions’, including all but ambient sounds or classical music!
Remember, in our fast paced world, it is SO easy to lose focus ( especially if you are sitting there struggling to write!!)

After reading and giving myself the task to improve my typing (Groan) as Neil instructs to get better and faster at the physical business of creating content, I chanced upon Quinn Whissen’s Post:
“10 Stupidly Simple “Hacks” To Win At Content Marketing”

Points #3 Quinn makes is “Generate Tons Of Headline Ideas And Don’t Rely On Your Gut”.
Clearly her strategy is working, as the phrase ‘stupidly simple hacks’ caught my eye..
Thanks Quinn.

Quinn goes on to elaborate : “Upworthy’s editorial process makes writers come up with 25 headlines for every content piece — 25!! That’s no joke. They understand that the first title isn’t always the best, and ideas will organically arise in the process of hammering out many. Plus, they combine this strategy with testing — i.e., find out which title actually draws in the most readers, rather than relying on best guesses.

If you don’t have the budget or resources for lots of automated testing, keep it simple and create a couple of tracking links for your different titles, and set a time limit. Then at the end of your time, see which tracking url performed better and continue to push and promote that version.”

I have always loved the idea of “Rework” ie creating 1 piece of content and making 2 or 3 more from that one ( eg make a video and use the audio for a podcast or download)
Quinn also reminds us to ‘Resurrect and Re Purpose Evergreen Content’ in Point 6,  especially if it got great traction the first time around…. and Quinn knows, as she and the Team are always tracking and TESTING!

Enjoy these articles..I did.
I would LOVE you to share this article….AND add anything YOU do that is not included as a great hack or  better/faster content creation methods?
Happy writing.. err typing!

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