Where to put your Content?

Aug 02

Where to put your Content?

In content marketing out there has been much emphasis on “sharing” your work.
But where and how?

We tell our clients to bring people FROM Social Media to YOU.
You want the traffic and eyeballs on your site.. Not the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ( or whomever)  platforms.

I just read a post by The Content Marketing Institute “Don’t Build Your Content House on Rented Land”  that had me nodding my head.. so I wanted to share it with you and  remind you.
In discussing the new changes to Google+ (amongst others) Joe Pulizzi made this observation  : “Robert and I agree that the old strategy of “go where your audience is and build a presence there” no longer applies. Instead, use those channels to pull people to your owned properties.

Remember, the Search Engines like Google value sites with fresh, ever changing content – so that is the other big gain you get when writing your own content and driving people to read it on your site.
AND if the ‘rules’ change on anyone else’s platform (that you have spent so much time investing in) you are powerless to prevent it.
If you only have so much time to write on your topic(s)- do it on YOUR ‘Money Site'(s)!

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